Flix Coins and Accommodation Coin Partnership

Today marks the start of a partnership between Flix Coins and Accommodation Coin, this partnership will help propel Accommodation Coin onto a number of major exchanges including Okex.

Flix Coins is a cutting edge investment platform that allows you to make a investment into their platform and to earn daily interest from that investment, I personally have tested this and withdrawn funds with no issue at all.

Craig at Flix has been super helpful and provided great support.

When you sign up and invest we will receive a small affiliate fee that 100% will go to list Accommodation Coin on a number of exchanges.

Please use this link to sign up

I hope everyone enjoys their investing journey and we at Accommodation Coin appreciate all your support and the support of the team at Flix.


Please remember that investing has its risks, do not invest more than you can afford to loose.


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