Bridging the gap  

Today’s accommodation industry is a-wash with different accommodation providers and the many channels they choose to use to promote their property.  

Many of these channels have their own rating and loyalty systems that are used to encourage their users to re book and keep their booking rates here.  

What if there was a ‘network’ that looked to bridge this gap?  that looked to provide a system that allowed users from more than one channel to rate owners and owners to rate guests, that had a simple to understand and use, universal rating system.  Now add to that a means of rewarding those hosts and guests that give great service, or respect the property they are staying in.  

What about all the data that’s held on these channels related to the guests stay, when they traveled, where they traveled too, how much they spent and the duration of their stay?  

In this age of ‘big data’ shouldn’t consumers have the right to ‘profit’ from their data?  

The team at Accommodation coin look to answer these questions. Accommodation coin is as it says a coin or token, its based on a digital currency that is not far off the more commonly know bitcoin.  

Accommodation Coin is run by a passionate group of people that embrace the crypto currency industry while sharing a love and wealth of experience in the travel and accommodation sector.  

Their new solution addresses the questions we have touched on and answers a host of others.  

Their new reward system looks to grow a large network of users that are rewarded with coins or token for their commitment to excellence, users be they host or guest will receive a set number of coins once their reviews reach a certain number.  

What of the question related to ‘big data’? Accommodation coin will give their guests the ability to ‘sell’ that data in return for Accommodation coins to then have the data be made available for hosts and channels to ‘buy’ with accommodation coin.  Why is this important? It gives hosts and channels valuable data on their guests and others travel habits, times of year that travel is done and a whole host of other factors.  This enables hosts to better target specific markets, to better spend their marketing budget and at the end of the day a better service for all.  

Accommodation coin is in short looking to change the way we look at travel and accommodation, some would say – bridging the gap.  

Written by Aaron Martin  





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